Creating new worlds of


For massively multiplayer online games

Unleashing the power of indie gaming studios

The Problem

Barriers to entry

We know that the effort and cost required to launch, scale and operate massively multiplayer online games is a barrier to entry for the majority of indie games studios, meaning they rarely get a seat at the table.

“Massively multiplayer
online games are for AAA Studios only...”

// this is a myth

The Solution

We do the heavy lifting

We offer a platform that makes creating and running large online games simple, allowing game developers to focus on building their game.

Our platform works by dividing your gaming world into chunks, where each chunk contains the subset of entities within the world which are contained in the cuboid of this chunk.

Chunks are of fixed width and depth, and of infinite height. Each chunk may be simulated separately on one of many servers, this allows your games to scale horizontally to massive sizes, allowing player counts beyond traditional multiplayer games.

thousands of players, one persistent world

simulated seemlesly by our fleet of servers

UNLEASHING mmos FOR indie studios.

Build massive multiplayer online games with ease.

Use the game engine of your choice.

(Currently supports Unity, Unreal, Godot, Defold and Love2D, with more coming soon).

Low subscription fee and per-usage cost, only pay for the compute you use.

We're affordable. Start your online game with little upfront capital.

Highly scalable platform – scale your games to massive sizes.

Our platform allows for player counts beyond traditional multiplayer games.

The PP Difference

Entity-Centric Design

At the core of our platform, every object in your game world is an 'entity'. The behaviour of each entity is determined by its type and scripted in a repository we provide, ensuring both flexibility and control in game design.

Scalable Game Worlds

Our innovative chunk system divides your game world into manageable sections. Each chunk, with fixed width and depth, can be independently simulated on multiple servers. This allows your game to support an unprecedented number of players, far exceeding traditional multiplayer games.

Efficient Resource Management

Chunks are dynamically loaded or unloaded, optimizing computational resources. Loaded chunks are actively simulated, while unloaded chunks save their state without using resources

Comprehensive Control + Debugging

Customize entity behavior through scripts in a secure, containerized server environment. You can start, stop, and update your game through a user-friendly control panel, with detailed documentation and support for debugging.

Rich Server-Side API + SDK Support

Dive into our detailed server-side API documentation and utilize our SDKs for building immersive game clients. We're always expanding support to include SDKs for more engines and languages.

Real-Time Synchronization + Event Handling

Stay updated with real-time synchronization of entities and event transmission between server and client, providing a seamless gaming experience.

We do the heavy lifting, so you don't have to

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