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We offer a platform that makes creating and running large online games simple, allowing game developers to focus on building their game while we worry about the techy stuff.


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Our Mission

Why we do it

We know that the effort and cost required to launch, scale and operate huge online games is a barrier to entry for the majority of indie games studios, meaning they rarely get a seat at the table. To break this block, we decided to make a system where game developers of any size could get their games online and scale them to the size of an MMO. We wanted to remove the limits, both perceived and technical, which once stopped small studios from believing they could create their own online multiplayer world.

Every BIG thing is just a lot of small things put together

Our Story

how we got here

Planetary Processing began in 2022, when our founder Sam Sully decided to combine his professional experience engineering distributed systems with his knowledge of game development. Studying at the University of Cambridge, he had designed the prototype of a continuous world MMO, which would later become the basis for the Planetary Processing platform.

The idea to open this service to other developers came while doing research for his own games. He noticed that reliable and scalable tools for online multiplayer were lacking, especially for MMOs.

So he put together a small team to expand his original project, creating a platform for indie game developers to bring their games online.

"We need an online platform for multiplayer developers with MMO scalability"

// Bring your world online

Create and design

With full game engine compatibility, we make it easier for you to design, create, and share. No need to start from scratch anymore when making your multiplayer worlds.

Free for up to 10 players

Our free tier allows you to develop and test your game with no upfront cost whatsoever. You only need to upgrade to the full version once you're ready to launch your game!

Bring your game online

Connect players like never before. Use our massive multiplayer scalability to bring together people from across the world into the same virtual space.

Enabling You

What we want from you

Our goal is to provide an opportunity to game developers. Planetary Processing aims to be one of many stepping stones to allow further innovations in the online game development community. We want to see what you are able to create with our platform and what your players create too.

We have reached a point where the barriers, which once prevented individual studios from creating massive online games, are no longer insurmountable. All we ask that you use this opportunity to create communities of players and games which thrive.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is it?

Planetary Processing is an MMO creation and management platform. Our software integrates with your game engine of choice, bringing your game online at massive scale. Both during development and after release, our online dashboard gives you easy access to manage, monitor and update your game in real-time.

We handle all the hard stuff, so you can focus on making your game.

On our free tier, for up to 10 players, Planetary Processing costs nothing at all! This means you don't have to worry about draining all your funds during development!

Above that, we only charge for players actively online in your game. Pay as you grow, so you you have time to develop at your own pace.

Check out our pricing page or get in touch for more info.

Our game engine integrations let you create a game which connects to our online platform. We use an entity system, so every player, NPC, and object in your game will be sending messages to and from our game servers, telling them where to be and what to do. You just design your game in the engine, upload the code for each entity to our platform, and we handle all the player connections and hosting. Check out our documentation for more info.

The short answer is yes.

While Planetary Processing is designed for managing MMOs or large community servers, the only real difference between MMOs and other multiplayer online games is that one is massive. We don't enforce a minimum player count so we can support any multiplayer game!

More than you might think. We have built our multiplayer system specifically to scale for a continuous singular world. So unlike typical MMOs which need lots of different separate instances and cap the number of connections per instance, all your players can now exist in the same continuous, persistent world.

We do the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to

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